March Gladness

March is my favorite month of the year because it is the month of my birth MARCH 26 and the month that brings us
SPRING and for the basketball fans MARCH MADNESS. I’m always blessed in this month with exciting career activity.
I signed with a whole administrative and consulting team. I’m now with Polygon Agency in North Hollywood and Keela
Starr of KSTARR Mgmt. in Atlanta for management and Cassandra Williams of W.E.T. PR for Public Relations.

Keela started came strong with heavy weight meetings with major casting agencies, and producers in Atlanta. That was
a first. I never had a manager that worked so hard. Karim Muhammad is my agent at Polygon and their motto is “We will dotoday the things that other agencies won’t do-so tomorrow we can the talent that other agencies won’t have.”

Polygon has sent me on some major auditions with producers and recently I booked a cameo on “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” “RHOH” is one the funniest shows on television. I can’t wait to do some crazy off the wall scenes with the
cast in the future. I will be leaving for New York to film “79 Parts” written and directed by Ari Taub at the end of March.

I have had tremendous spiritual success through daily meditation and powerful prayers and good thoughts of the millions
of fans who love me in America and throughout the world. I can’t wait to create more memorable characters for you.

I’m also entering into producing and I’m happy to say I have several great projects in various stages of production.

Above all I’m healthy, my family is healthy, my friends are the best ever and my mother is a true soldier for Christ and my
best friend. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time but I promise to keep up this time. Thank for your patience. Much love GOD BLESS