Keeping the Faith

GOD will not allow the enemy to defeat you. And the worst enemy is our self doubts, fears, worry, double mindedness and friends and frenemies who encourage and validate the enemy within ourselves. “Feelings” are traitors to the soul if they’re contrary to the will of GOD. I was my own worst enemy for years until 1975 when I established a personal relationship with GOD and trust in GOD above everyone including my pastor, my church, my mother, the experts, my friends and my teachers. And within a year I was the star of a top ten show in the nation on ABC “WHAT’S HAPPENING” If it happened for me if it can happen for you. GOD doesn’t love me more than you so decide this year to establish a personal relationship and TRUST in GOD and move inspite of what you feel and you will see MIRACLES in your life. I love you Ernest