Conversations with My Mother

“Conversations With My Mother: Food for the Mind Body and Soul” was written in collaboration with Ernest’s mother, Liza Latham, as a living tribute to her 80 years of faith as a Christian, a missionary, a great mother and a best friend. The book chronicles her life from the 1930’s in Mississippi to present day with advice for young people today as well as her favorite recipes and bible verses.

Conversations With My Mother – $20.00 + $4.95 SH

“From Raj to Riches: Playing Hooky From God” will be out this fall. It is a comedic, honest and poignant celebration of Ernest’s 40 years in show biz. This biography is also an opportunity for Ernest to thank his millions of fans around the world and all the teachers, friends, frenemies and enemies who helped shape his life, his character and his path to contentment, which he considers the real “riches”.