Love your new website!!

Hi Everyone – This is an email I got from the wonderful Priscilla Leona

Hey Ernest,
I love, love, super-duper love your new website!!  I can’t wait to meet you for lunch to catch up on things.  We are available on Saturday, March 26th at 2:00 PM.  If not, any Saturday in April at 2:00 PM is okay with us as of now.  Until then… Have a great day!  

Priscilla Leona, Producer & Host
Question Reality Radio Show
Channel 1, LA Talk Radio


Thank you Priscilla!


  1. Rick PorcaroRick Porcaro03-21-2011

    Lookin good…. I very much like your website… you have so much to offer and it looks like you are offering it.. I, as always, wish you the very best in all that you are doing…my experences with you have always been a blessing… let me know if I can ever be of any assistance….
    Peace, Love and Happiness to you… keep smiling and laughing…you do it well !!!
    Rick Porcaro

  2. Une'Une'04-02-2011

    Hey bro outstanding! Your new website is bangin! I think I’m going to hang around here a bit, cause i’m having such a great time.

    Much love brother

  3. Une'Une'04-02-2011

    Hey Rev. V yes i do do lmao!!!!!!!